Trail Boss Says #4


Flash and I decided to take a little downtime from our Trek preparation this past weekend know’n full well that next week will be a busy one! We decided to enjoy some of our favorite summertime activities and enjoy the beautiful weather we’ve been havin’…hopefully stays like this for Trek…

boss fishing Flash and PK wake surffing

I hope by now y’all have almost everything ready and that y’all:

  • Have the name of an ancestor and know his/her story so you can share it with others while we’re Trek’n
  • Have all your ‘period’ duds and know that they will be worn full time at Trek.
  • And last but not least, y’all are feel’n prepared and are look’n forward to having a great time…I know I am!

Thanks for fasting with us last Sunday; I know our prayers are heard.

One more post coming before we saddle up and move ‘em out.


PS My stache is comin’ in nicely and I’m starting to grow fond of it but alas Sister Boss ain’t and so it won’t be allowed to stay. There will be ‘Trek Challenge’ while we are out on the trail and the family that wins the challenge will be given the privilege to SHAVE OFF THE TRAIL BOSS’ STACHE when we arrive in Zion. Stay tuned for more specifics.

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