Trail Boss Says #2

LESS THAN 3 WEEKS TO GO! Are you excited now?

I know Flash, my trusty steed, and I are sure excited, can you tell?!PresKTrusty Steed

We are busy making our final preparations, like I hope y’all are doin’. We’re gathering all our gear getting ready for the long road ahead. There are a few fundamental things we want to make sure you’ve done:

  • The name of an ancestor and a story to be shared at Trek
  • Period clothing to be worn full time at Trek
  • Be physically and spiritually prepared as per the information that has been shared through Ward leaders and the website

Also we will be holding a Stake fast Sunday, July 6th for a successful Trek experience for all involved.

I hope if you or your parents have any questions that you are talking to your Ward or Branch leader to make sure you get your questions answered

I’m also looking forward to all the great grub we’re going to eat; we sure ain’t goin’ to go hungry! Remember what I told you in February: “it’s not important what it is but what it was”.


PS I think my stache is coming in quite nicely!

Trail boss (2)

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